Why you shouldn’t be afraid of raw milk

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When I was kid, my mom once sent my brother and I to a small farm that was close to our house, to get some fresh milk. I grew up in the 80’s, so we normally just bought milk at the supermarket and didn’t have to walk 30 minutes for it. Maybe she thought we should see where milk comes from? I don’t know – I’ll ask her next time we talk. What I remember most about that day though is how we stopped on the way back home and drank some of the milk. It was still warm and tasted so different than what we usually got from the store. Good different. Fast forward 30+ years and here I am, giving raw milk another try.

If you’re up for some really super nutritious milk, get raw milk. You won’t find that at your local supermarket because as per the FDA, raw milk is not safe for humans because it hasn’t been pasteurized (= high heat treatment to kill bacteria). I would suggest talking to your dairy person at the local farmer’s market, and they can tell you more about how well their cows are doing than any conventional big dairy farm. The raw milk you can get these days is safer than you think.

We drove up to our local place (Marando Farms in Ft. Lauderdale) to also shop for fruits & veggies and got a half gallon of raw milk along with a tub of raw butter and my husband also got some yummy blueberry yogurt in the cutest little glass jar.raw dairy

Right after we got home I set out to taste and compare the whole raw milk with our regular organic, pasteurized whole milk. What you need to know about raw milk is that it’s not homogenized (meaning the fattier cream will be on the top) so you have to shake it before drinking. You can see it a little bit in this picture – it was more visible in reality than this picture shows:

Here’s the visual comparison:raw milk

Organic whole milk on the left vs raw whole milk on the right

organic vs raw milk

You can tell that the raw milk has a richer color – definitely 100% grass-fed! :o) Since it’s not pasteurized, raw milk will go sour sooner than regular milk. It naturally has a little sour smell to it, but in a fresh-sour kind of way – not pungent sour.

So I took my first sip…

raw milk test

and was very pleasantly surprised because it was DELICIOUS!!!

raw milk taste

I loved the touch of creaminess and fresh, pure taste. It was sooo yummy!

raw milk is great

My vote: thumbs up for the taste!

But you know it’s not all about taste.

So then what else is so great about it? It is actually easier to digest than pasteurized milk because it still has live lactose-digesting Lactobacilli bacteria, which may allow lactose-intolerant people give milk another try. Raw milk has also shown improvement for children with asthma, and other allergies. It has greater qualities of vitamins, minerals, and good-for-you bacteria that bring your colon’s flora back in check.

Want more? It comes from grass-fed cows, not commercial, crammed up, (GMO-)grain-fed cows, so it naturally contains higher quality vitamins and minerals and no hormones, antibiotics, puss or other yucky things.


my child drinks raw milk

Our daughter also approved the taste and asked for specifically that milk the next morning!

Only downside: it’s about double the price as regular, organic milk :o(



Next on the list was raw butter vs organic butter:

raw butter comparison

It’s not too great to see in this image, but the stick of regular, organic butter was so much more pale than the grass-fed raw butter. The raw butter has this rich, yellow color and sweet buttery smell. Oh, I wish I had a piece of fresh bread with some of that butter right now!

raw butter on ciabatta

It was that good!

Bottomline – my conclusion? I love raw milk and raw butter, and will continue to buy it, but… so yes, there’s a but: I will buy the 1/2 gallon of raw milk as a treat and not for everyday consumption. Probably 1-2 times a month. We go through 2 gallons of milk a week and at a raw milk price of $7 per half gallon, I simply can’t afford to go 100% raw. As for the raw butter? I love the taste and will probably use that on bread more than anything, because I want to taste it. It’s also more expensive, but lasts a lot longer so I’ll see what difference it will make in baking/cooking.

Have you tried any raw dairy products? What were your thoughts? Comment and share below – I’d love to find out!

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