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Corndog Veggie Muffins

Oy, the Sunday night after a long weekend. Monday morning is looming with all its “back to work/school” glory… I hear ya. I just finished all of my duties from cleaning up dinner, packing lunches and snacks, setting out all our water bottles, thermos containers, packing backpacks, checking calendars, etc. …

healthy pancake recipe

Super Breakfast Pancakes

Of course pancakes are for breakfast, but these are SUPER Breakfast pancakes because they’re way beyond your ordinary flapjacks. I’m not even …

apple chips recipe

Winter Apple Chips

A few days ago my daughter gave me a hug as I left for work and as she had her little face …

healthy baking for fall

Pumpkin-Apple-Flax Muffins

Since my daughter still refuses to eat whole fresh fruit, I am constantly learning new ways on how to add it to everything else she eats. She’s …

healthy homemade popcorn

Any Flavor Popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn, right? I admit, I used to gorge myself on the movie style butter flavored version (“flavored” is the …