Homemade Popsicles

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Happy Monday everyone and I hope everyone had a great Summer Solstice weekend. When I was a kid we celebrated this longest day of the year with a giant bonfire. Not at our house, but at the municipal airport area because that’s where I spent my childhood weekends. Our parents are avid glider pilots and every weekend in the summer, they’d spend the days at the airport, doing their glider club thing while us kids roamed wild and free, building forts, and secret tree houses, eating lots of Schnitzel & Pommes, followed by ice cream or popsicles. Summertime is popsicle time. Sweet, fruity, sticky popsicles.



My mom made her own sometimes, from fresh strawberries. Those were the best! So now it’s time for me to carry this on for our own kids. My kids favorite kind are berry popsicles, but since we have so much mango, I am mixing some of that in there too. When I first started making popsicles, I used the mixed frozen berries and added a cup of vanilla yogurt and a little bit of honey to the mix. That gave it a little extra sweetness and creaminess to cut through the tartness of the berries. Now that I’m adding mango, I don’t need any more honey. The vanilla yogurt is totally optional too.

toddler popsicle

Depending on the age of your kids, you can choose from a plethora of popsicle molds on amazon. My daughter loves, loves, loves these Jewel Pop Molds. They’re perfect for little toddler hands and just the right size. We have bigger sized ones too as you can see in the pictures below, but I have to admit those blue ones are sooo hard to pull from the mold! I think I’ll get some of these Rocket Molds for my son too!

I like these molds because they already come with the handle/stick, so you don’t have to buy popsicle sticks separately, over and over again. What you will need to have is a good blender, or food processor to puree the fruits you want to use.

popsicle ingredients

Here’s what I used for ours:

This makes just enough for the 6 minis and 4 large blue ones:

one 10oz bag of organic mixed frozen berries, thawed

1 cup fresh or frozen, thawed mango chunks

1/4 cup fresh orange juice or coconut water

1 cup organic vanilla yogurt (optional). You can add a ripe banana too for creaminess without the dairy

Add the thawed fruit to the blender first. If it’s still frozen, you can add some coconut water to get it to the right consistency. Otherwise all frozen chunks don’t blend too well – it stays too thick.

Once the fruit is pureed finely, scoop in the yogurt and blend. Don’t overmix it. You can even just swirl it in with a spoon and get a beautiful marbled look for your popsicles. Or layer it. Whatever you feel like.

berry mango vanilla dessert

Pour the mix carefully into your popsicle molds and leave just a little bit of space at the top. The puree will expand when it freezes and you don’t want it to pop out of the mold. Attach the tops and then put the molds in your freezer for at least 3-4 hours.

easy homemade popsicles

Need more flavor ideas?

How about some mango-banana? Or strawberry-peach? Or blackberry-peach? How about a pineapple-mint-mango one? With layers of coconut milk? I think I’ll try that one next!

You can find inspiration at your local farmers market – summer is the best time for sweet, juicy popsicle ingredients!

easy healthy kids treats

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