7 Lucky Green Recipes for your St. Patrick’s Day Feast

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I know, I know – I’ve been slacking on the blog side lately. I’m closing in on my midterm exam and was busy studying. If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you saw that I rocked my first case presentation with straight A’s!!! Thank you, thank you!! OK, so back to you guys and what’s happening these days:

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and it’s green, green, everywhere. Wear green day at Johanna’s preschool, Parades, parties, and green food everywhere! I did a quick google search today for St. Patrick’s Day food to see what we could make this weekend, and was a little grossed out when this came up:

St. Patricks Day Food


Well, of all the colors that food can be “colored” with, green is by far the easiest one to make from pure, natural ingredients. There are so many ways to add green to your recipes: spinach, avocado, matcha (green tea powder), mint, parsley, kiwi, grapes, … So, really, why ‘poison’ yourself or your kids with artificial cosmic green food coloring when you don’t have to?

If you’re afraid that it won’t look as green, or be as fun, take a look at what some of these super creative people have come up with:

This was my search result for “healthy St. Patrick’s day Food”:

St. Patricks Day Food.healthy

It’s still pretty green right? Pretty and green :)

So before you give into the glowing green shamrock cupcakes, shakes, or green beer, check out these green recipes that will give even your body a rainbow of a smile:

Skip McDonald’s and make your own, healthy version of a Shamrock Smoothie with this recipe.

Start your day right with shamrock eggs with this easy recipe.


Get your veggies in with this creamy green mac n cheese recipe!

These are fun and delicious, but eat them quick before the avocado browns. Recipe here.

This is another fun green party food idea. If you have time to assemble these tiny leprechaun hats :)

leprechaun hats

Aren’t these the cutest??? Guacamole cup with a bell pepper rainbow and cauliflower clouds. These are my favorite!


While we’re on the subject of cute: can I please get this piggy cutting board? Swoon :) In the meantime, I’ll be making these delicious green tea cupcakes with matcha icing. Yum!

green cupcake

Since it’s an Irish holiday, I felt like we need to add at least one authentic Irish recipe here, so let’s make some Irish Soda Bread! This just screams to be topped off with some golden, grass-fed butter. Kerrygold butter is available in most supermarkets and it’s definitely worth its price. My mom used to buy it every once in a while and it was like a special treat. Us kids loved it because it is softer than regular butter and way easier to spread on bread.

irish soda bread

I hope you found some healthy food inspirations through this post. Although none of the recipes are mine, I hope you’ll give them a try.

Let me know if you have any other healthy green food (or drink) ideas and share them in the comments below.


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